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Pipe Fiction is not just a full service Oil & Gas used equipment and pipe supplier, but we are obsessed with the game of Golf and proudly bring together customers and clients in a friendly-not-so-friendly competition.

SIGN UP is underway for the THIRD Annual 2022 Golf Season and Pipe Fiction 4Balls Match Play League. Please email ASAP to enter the league. DEADLINE IS MARCH 4, 2022


Match Play is a game played by holes. A hole is won by the side that has the lower net score.  A Four-ball Match is a match in which two sides, each consisting of two golfers, play each other using better-ball scoring (each golfer in the match plays his or her own ball throughout - four balls in play, hence the name.)

Better-ball Scoring works this way: The two players on the team each play their own golf ball throughout the round. On each hole, the two team members compare net scores, and the lower of their two net scores (the better ball, in other words) counts as the team's score. If one partner fails to complete the play of a hole, there is no penalty.

Example: On the first hole Player A scores net 5 and Player B scores net 4; "4" is the team score for Hole 1.


All ties in the group stage will be recorded as a tie. No extra holes or chip-offs are required. 

Overall records in the group stage will determine your seedings in the elimination playoffs consisting of 4 brackets with 8 teams in each elimination bracket. (Meaning 32 of the 50 teams will advance to the next round).

When sending in results, please let me know the winner and by how many holes (ex Team A won 3&2, 3 holes up with 2 holes left to play)


Matches may be played on a course decided on by all four players. If one can not be agreed on, I will break the tie.

Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns or issues. LET'S HAVE FUN!!!!!


Please send in all results to All results will be posted on this website, but you have to be registered here and sign in above to see all updates and results!



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